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In 2017, a lot happened to me.

In January 2017, I found myself tasked with helping the most challenging pair of toxic managers to create a more positive culture for their team. 

It was an incredibly soul crushing contract and it took a toll on my mental health and spirit.

On April 19th of that year, I experienced a double loss.

Both my mom and my grandma (who was my mom’s mother) passed away within just 30 minutes of each other.

We knew my grandma was very sick, so her passing wasn’t a surprise, but my mom’s sudden death was a shock.

I was separated from my mother for 14 years before she died.

The rest of that year was a bit of a blur in my memory.

This is not to make you feel sorry for me, but to help you understand the inspiration behind these journals.

When my friends talk about their parents, I often talk about my mom as if she’s still with us, and in a way, she is.

My mom’s memory and influence are very much a part of my life in California.

Her presence is felt in the choices I make and how I lead my life.

We all have grief.

We’ve all experienced loss.

Although I knew a great deal about my mother, I didn't really KNOW her.

This was the most painful realization of my life.

I have regrets about this now.

This book can be the legacy you leave to your children.

Thank you so much for reading!

With Gratitude

Neela K. Singh


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