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Have you ever wanted to capture a special moment, a feeling, or a precious memory so you can remember it forever?


That's exactly what this book is all about!


Imagine having a secret treasure chest filled with memories, just for your kids or family member?

This book is like a time machine that takes you back to those beautiful moments.


It's a way for you to share your life, your adventures, and the lessons you've learned with your kids.


It's a way to say, "Here are the things that matter most to me, and I want you to know them too."


In this GUIDED journal where I ask the questions, there are no specific rules to follow.

However, to maintain your commitment, I recommend setting aside a dedicated 30 minutes each week to respond to at least three of the provided questions.

There are 20 sections in the book, and it covers questions from birth to adulthood.

You need not address every single question, and there are no absolute right or wrong answers.

The essence of this journal lies in your honesty.

For those who prefer not to write, perhaps recording your thoughts and answers can serve as a valuable alternative.



Happy Journaling!

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